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Help us out!

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Netdude Development

Netdude wants you!

Development contributions are welcome! Just send patches to netdude-devel. Netdude really needs people who play around with the various modules and report inconsistencies, bugs, crashes and any oddities that are in the code.

Are you a Debian packager and interested in maintaining Netdude packages? Then get in touch, we need packagers!

CVS Development

The following modules exist (use those as arguments to cvs co):

Module Contens
netdude The Netdude GUI, including documentation sources. Before the 0.4 release, there was only this module.
netdude-plugin-template A code template for feature plugins for Netdude.
libnetdude The libnetdude library, including documentation sources.
libnetdude-plugin-template A code template for feature plugins for libnetdude.
libnetdude-protocol-template A code template for protocol plugins for libnetdude.
pcapnav The pcapnav library, including documentation sources.
plugins Netdude and libnetdude plugins that are not part of the main trees.

The following branches are in use:

Branch Name Purpose
HEAD The default branch. All 0.4 series development happens here.
netdude-0-3 The older 0.3 series of Netdude (before the separation into GUI and library) is in this branch.

The following tags have been set:

Module Tag Name Purpose
netdude netdude-0-5-1 Code for the 0.5.1 release.
netdude netdude-0-4-pre-lib Code right before the split into GUI and library was introduced.
libnetdude libnetdude-0-12 Code for the 0.12 release.
pcapnav libpcapnav-0-8 Code for the 0.8 release.

There are tags for every older release as well, following the same naming scheme. So the code of, say, Netdude 0.4.5 is tagged netdude-0-4-5 and libnetdude 0.6 is at libnetdude-0-6, etc. You can browse our CVS repository online here. To access CVS, set the following environment variables, e.g. in Bash:

export CVS_RSH=ssh

Then do a cvs login (once) and cvs co and cvs update -dP aftewards. More info about using CVS with SourceForge is available here.

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