Netdude Manual

Version 1.6

This is documentation for Release 0.4.8 of Netdude. Netdude is free software under terms of the BSD license as given in the License section. This documentation is always available on the web for download and online browsing at

Feedback, patches and bugreports are all welcome, please join our mailing lists or send feedback to the author at .

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Table of Contents
What Is Netdude?
What is Netdude Not?
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Netdude's Architecture
Using Netdude
Netdude's View of a Trace file
The Main Window
A Walk on the Menu Side
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Go Menu
The Protocols Menu
The Plugins Menu
The Settings Menu
The Debugging Menu
The About Menu
Getting a quick Overview of a Trace
Navigation in a Trace File
Trace Area Configuration
Using Packet Filtering
Editing Raw Packet Data
Changing Packet Timestamps, Wire Size, and Capture Size
Using the Clipboard
Using Plugins
Setting Preferences
Closing Netdude
Command Line Options
Extending Netdude
Writing A Feature Plugin
Writing a Protocol Plugin
Netdude API Reference
nd_clipboard -- 
nd_debug -- 
nd_dialog -- 
nd_fam -- 
nd_filter_gui -- 
nd_filter_registry -- 
nd_gettext -- 
nd_globals -- 
nd_gui -- 
nd_info_dialog -- 
nd_macros -- 
nd_main -- 
nd_packet -- 
nd_plugin -- 
nd_prefs -- 
nd_protocol -- 
nd_protocol_inst -- 
nd_protocol_plugin -- 
nd_raw_protocol -- 
nd_recent -- 
nd_timestamp -- 
nd_tp -- 
nd_tpm_gui -- 
nd_trace -- 
nd_trace_area_gui -- 
nd_trace_registry -- 
GtkHex -- 
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