libnetdude Manual

Version 1.0

This is documentation for Release 0.10 of libnetdude. libnetdude is free software under terms of the BSD license as given in the License section. This documentation is always available on the web for download and online browsing at

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Table of Contents
What is libnetdude?
How does it work?
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The Rest of this Manual
libnetdude Concepts
Trace Files
Protocols and Protocol Plugins
Trace Areas, Trace Parts and Trace Part Managers
Packet Iterators
Packet Filters
Preferences Management
tcpdump Communication
Feature Plugins
Using libnetdude
Building libnetdude
Installation Layout
The lndtool Program
Building Applications with libnetdude
Handy autoconf Code
Linking with libnetdude and its Plugins
libnetdude's Testsuite
libnetdude Plugins
Writing a Feature Plugin
Writing a Protocol Plugin
Packet Initialization
Writing a Protocol Plugin
libnetdude API Reference
libnd -- 
libnd_debug -- 
libnd_dumper -- 
libnd_filter -- 
libnd_filter_factory -- 
libnd_filter_registry -- 
libnd_globals -- 
libnd_init -- 
libnd_macros -- 
libnd_misc -- 
libnd_null_protocol -- 
libnd_packet -- 
libnd_packet_iterator -- 
libnd_packet_recycler -- 
libnd_plugin -- 
libnd_prefs -- 
libnd_protocol -- 
libnd_protocol_inst -- 
libnd_protocol_plugin -- 
libnd_protocol_registry -- 
libnd_raw_protocol -- 
libnd_registry -- 
libnd_tcpdump -- 
libnd_timestamp -- 
libnd_tp -- 
libnd_tpm -- 
libnd_trace -- 
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